Bobby Bones Shows Support For Humane Society of Southeast Texas


The Bobby Bones Show has a segment called “Tell Me Something Good” where each of the radio personalities shares a feel good story he/she found on the Internet. Coincidentally, today, we are bringing you a feel good moment that stems directly from the nationally syndicated show’s host.

Two weeks ago, the Humane Society of Southeast Texas suffered a devastating loss when a fire ignited in its puppy room. Seventy-four dogs who were at the facility perished in the flames. The fire, which was a freak accident, was determined to have originated from a dryer in the building.

Without saying a word and simply wanting to extend a kind hand to the facility as it mends its wounds from such a monumental and painful loss, Bobby Bones donated funds in the amount of $10,000.00. Though Bobby has encountered his fair share of negativity and is known for the occasional envelope push, nobody can dispute that the man has a heart of gold.

The Humane Society of Southeast Texas shared on its Facebook page:

Thank you to Bobby Estell, better known as Bobby Bones with the Bobby Bones Show for your love and contribution of $10,000. Your support, and of course your show, brightens our days during this time of need. We are still picking up the pieces of our broken shelter that was destroyed by a deadly fire and took the lives of 74 of our loving fur babies. It is great to see such an awesome public figure supporting us and our mission of rescuing unwanted, abused, and abandoned pets! Thank you!

Our thoughts and prayers are extended to the facility and its staff as they rebuild their shelter, and our love and gratitude goes out to Bobby for not just telling us something good, but for setting an example and teaching us something good.