Blake Shelton Releases Stunning New Gospel Song “Savior’s Shadow”


While fans have become used to a certain sound from Blake Shelton, it looks likely that his new record If I’m Honest (due out May 20) is stretching him as an artist and we couldn’t be more excited.

Blake has always had an exceptional voice that sometimes gets overshadowed by his mid-tempo soundalike tracks. While songs like “Austin” and “She Wouldn’t Be Gone” allowed him to shine, some of his more recent offerings have been same-ish…until now.

“Savior’s Shadow” may just change the minds of Blake’s biggest naysayers. It’s very much a song in the vein of something Randy Travis may have released in the height of his career and we mean that in the best possible way. The song is an honest country gospel song that belongs on the Opry stage.

“At a very dark time in my life last year I dreamed the first verse of this song,” Shelton said in a statement. “I woke up and immediately wrote it down. Now, looking back, I know it was God’s way of telling me that he’s here and things are gonna be OK.”

“I dreamed the song last summer.. I woke up and wrote down everything I could remember.” Blake told one fan on Twitter, and he enlisted the help of Jessi Alexander and Jon Randall to finish the song.

Listen to Blake Shelton’s “Savior’s Shadow”:

The song may reach a new audience for Shelton, releasing to Christian radio this week.


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    marlene 58

    Wow Blake. Didn’t know you had it in you. Peel the layers of Blake. Great song.


    I think it’s great for u and Gwen being together! When I saw who u married the 2nd. X I knew it wouldn’t last!
    Gwen is so much more your type, needless to say,I’m fond of Gwen as well as u Blake! So cuddos to u dude! <3


    The layers is Warner thinking Christian category might be his only way to a Grammy. God Gave Me You was very popular but it also was perfectly timed out w/ his marriage. Just b/c he has preacher hair doesn’t mean they will let him in w/ his foul mouth and alcoholic promoting ways.

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