Blake Shelton Surprises Texas Crowd With Randy Travis Cameo


Over the weekend, Blake Shelton performed at the Frisco, Texas Off the Rails Country Music Festival. As if Shelton did not already have the crowd in the palm of his hands, he elated audience members even more when he surprised them with a very special guest — Country Music Hall of Famer Randy Travis.

Shelton humbly and graciously introduced to the fans the man he coined as one of his heroes.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Randy Travis. You tell me miracles can’t happen. You’re looking at one right here, man. This is one of my heroes, and he ought to be one of your heroes. Thank you so much for being here tonight, Randy. We all love you.

The visit to the Off the Rails stage marks Travis’s first concert appearance since his 2013 stroke that left him debilitated. Over the last several years, Travis has made much progress in his recovery, but his speech and motor functions are still limited.

Watch the touching video of Travis’s moment on the Texas stage arm-in-arm with Shelton below.

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