Blake Shelton – 1; In Touch Weekly – 0


With the Blake Shelton v. In Touch Weekly legal proceedings underway, it seems as though the score is currently Shelton – 1; In Touch – 0.

According to TMZ, In Touch attempted to get Shelton’s defamation claims dismissed, resulting in the judge presiding over the case denying the motion. In Touch reportedly argued that the publication never stated that Shelton went to rehab, but, rather, that he should go to rehab. The judge determined, based on the black and white written word by the magazine, that In Touch published libelous material that Shelton had an alcohol problem and sought help.

Speaking to the substantive issues beyond the four corners of the Motion to Dismiss, the judge essentially opined on the defamation claims, stating that the magazine knew, at the time of publication, that Shelton had not been to rehab and the headline attached to the article proved malicious intent. For those who didn’t slave away in law school for three grueling years, in order to prove defamation as a public figure, malicious intent is a required element — and it looks as though Shelton can check that one right off his list.

The case will now proceed to trial.



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