Miranda Lambert joins Chris Stapleton and Anderson East on stage for “My Girl” performance

Via YouTube
Via YouTube

Well, friends, we officially have a new King of the Dad Dance Moves and his name is Anderson East.

Anderson East, AKA Miranda Lambert’s boyfriend, is currently on tour with Chris Stapleton and as often happens on tour, the opening act, Anderson, joins the main draw, Chris, on stage at some point during the show for a duet. Anderson and Chris’ duet song of choice so far has been My Girl. It was the same during their show last night (4/27) at The Greek in Los Angeles with just one small difference … Miranda Lambert joined them onstage.

Apparently Miranda was sitting in the audience watching the show when Stapleton insisted she join them for the Otis Redding tune. The result is magical in an awkward, sweet sort of way.

Yeah, this post was going to be all praise and drooling over Miranda joining her boyfriend (and Chris and Chris’ wife Morgane) on stage, but let’s be honest here, I’m a dork who loves all things dorkiness and East was totally speaking my language with his fancy footwork. It was like the mating dance of awkward males everywhere and I LOVED IT.

Behold the best three minutes of your day.


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  1. spenser221@msn.com'

    I love when you can tell that the artists are up there having a ball. Looks like lots of fun & glad Stapleton’s voice is better.

  2. mlynn2805@gmail.com'

    I love you description of yourself. I can tell you’re a super fun person to hang out with. Enjoy your piece. Good job!

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