American Idol Winner Trent Harmon Opens Up About Big Machine Debut Album


Immediately after winning the fifteenth season of American Idol, it was announced that Trent Harmon would release a “country” record on Big Machine Label Group. While the Mississippi-born Harmon stuck mostly to soul songs on the show, he’s opening up about his future project, which he’s describing as “country soul.”

In an interview with TV Guide, Harmon opened up about his sound and the comparisons to a “country Justin Timberlake“:

I’ve been saying “country soul,” and I don’t really know what that means just yet, but I do, you know? Soul music is in right now and it’s cool to sing, but it’s what comes out of me naturally. If I’m singing gospel music, or I’m singing country music, or I’m singing pop music, I sing it soulfully. That’s just how it comes out. So I feel like that’s going to come through on this country album.

He also opened up about who he’d like to collaborate with out of his former American Idol contestants:

I feel like (La)Porsha and I will probably be doing music together at some point, but I think it could be really cool to get Jenn Blosil on something. She’s got a unique voice, and she’s quirky. I like quirky. She texted me the other day. I think her voice would be really cool. I think we could do some neat stuff. I hadn’t thought of that until right now.

After seeing Trent’s Chris Stapleton cover, we’re totally on board with his country soul debut and we can’t wait to hear it.