The Willis Family to Return to Television Next Week


Fresh on the heels of 19 Kids and Counting star Josh Duggar exiting rehab, another TLC family, based right here in Nashville, Tennessee, reminded fans that their wholesome and positive pack will return to the small screen … soon!

This Tuesday, March 15th (10pm ET/9pm CT), the beloved The Willis Family will return to TLC with the premiere of its second season. During this season, the family, that consists of two loving parents and twelve talented children (whose names all begin with “J” … adopt me already!) will take cameras on a ride as they prepare their forthcoming The Willis Clan country music album.

With a family as entertaining and personality-packed as the Willises, the show will, undoubtedly, reach out and touch viewers of all demographics. We certainly can’t wait to tune in and see what The Willis Family has in store for us in Season 2 of the show we have been hoping would make its return!

Psst, Brenda and Toby, still up for adoption here.