Exclusive Premiere: Watch Two Story Road’s “Permanent Ink” Acoustic Video


Two Story Road released its self-titled debut EP in December, and since that long awaited day, Brandon and Jamelle Fraley have barely slowed down. Giving their fans new material to look forward to every week, the duo has taken the six songs on its stellar introductory project and created alternate versions of each. This ongoing promotion of the EP has cleverly ensured that the components of the comprehensive and cohesive album remain at the forefronts of everybody’s minds.

In a line of acoustic videos to mirror the studio cuts of Two Story Road’s EP tracks, the next to be released is power ballad “Permanent Ink“. The song about somebody becoming a forever fixture in one’s life is already filled to the brim with passion and emotion, but when the production is stripped down, the Fraleys’ enormous talents are given the opportunity to shine through more so.

Watch Two Story Road’s “Permanent Ink” acoustic video below and click here to download the duo’s self-titled EP.