It’s Official: Thomas Rhett Is a Happy Man


Let’s be honest. Thomas Rhett and his wife, Lauren Akins, are true relationship goals. Who wouldn’t want a high school sweetheart to become the love of her life and then go on to write a Number 1 song about her?

And the “cloud 9” mentality works both ways, as you can hear in said chart-topper, “Die a Happy Man”, when Thomas proclaims that if all he had was her hand in his hand, it would be all the happiness he needs. However, who doesn’t want to raise their personal bar just a tad?

Yesterday, Thomas solidified the fact that he is one happy man (and will die one too). Though the lyrics of his song state that he would be fine if he “never [got] to see the Eiffel Tower at night”, it didn’t stop Thomas and Lauren from taking the opportunity when it came. Both halves of the beloved Akins couple posted photos on Instagram, showing that they checked this bucket list item off … hand in hand.


thomasrhettakins Boom! Love you honey @laur_akins

laur_akins well. managed to capture the most lovey dovey pic ever-oops. I REALLY do love him a lot? #wedidit #eiffeltoweratnight

Ugh. Like we said. Goals.








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    victoria marr

    Yall look so good in paris, the perfect couple in the perfect city paris. Have fun yall deserve it, georgia cant give you that. From one of your most highest fans, have fun.

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