Randy Travis’s Wife Beautifully Accepts Hall of Fame Honor On Husband’s Behalf

Photo credit: US Magazine
Photo credit: US Magazine

In 2013, Randy Travis suffered from a massive stroke, virtually silencing the now Country Music Hall of Famer and limiting him to the occasional “yes” and “no.” However, when Travis was named as a Country Music Hall of Fame inductee earlier this week, the “Forever and Ever, Amen” singer mustered two more touching words upon walking to the podium — “thank you.”

Unable to say more, Travis signaled his wife, Mary Davis-Travis, to speak on his behalf and accept the honor. Davis-Travis referred to her role as the “daunting task of being the voice of this man who so eloquently put words to melody to make beautiful music.”

The moment was incredibly touching, as Davis-Travis beautifully verbalized what her Hall of Famer husband couldn’t translate into words. Following the presentation, which took place at the Rotunda at Nashville’s Country Music Hall of Fame, Davis-Travis shared a bit about the road to Travis’s recovery.

It’s the little things – the little word, the extra sound, the extra lap we make in rehab. It’s certainly put life in perspective as far as what we need to focus on. [Music] has been a huge part of the rehabilitation process. Music comes easier to him, as far as singing songs.

Davis-Travis shared that her husband was even able to honor a friend’s request to sing “Amazing Grace” at his funeral.

I don’t know that he thought he was ready for it, but he sang through all four verses. It was beautiful.

Our congratulations are extended to Randy Travis and fellow Class of 2016 inductees, Charlie Daniels and Fred Foster, and we send our love, respect, and gratitude to Mary Davis-Travis as she exhibited beautiful strength, courage, and support during the early week press conference.