Randy Houser In Nashville Police Chase

Randy Houser Like a Cowboy

All day today we have seen reports of a black Pontiac Trans Am being chased by police in Nashville. The 1977 vehicle was seen on Korean Veterans Boulevard being followed by officers, and the scene raised concern throughout Music City. In fact, Nashville citizens and tourists took to Twitter to report the chase and share the information as they were witnessing it live.

Then, news broke about who the driver of the “suspect” vehicle was and Nashville was all abuzz. Again.

Stoney Creek recording artist Randy Houser was behind the wheel of the vehicle of which police were in hot pursuit. However, it turns out the scenario was simply a music video treatment for Randy’s next single.


Randy recently told The Tennessean:

Just like on every record, I want people to hear me in there, not just a big string of hit-sounding songs. There’s got to be things in there about my life — it can’t all be about riding around in a truck with a girl. I want people to put it in and take a little roller coaster ride.

It appears that Randy has already taken the city on a little emotional roller coaster ride today! Tomorrow, emotions will be heightened even more, as the Number 1 artist will release his next album, Fired Up.

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    Randy Houser is another one of my favorite singers boy he knows how to get attention doesn’t he love Randy and his music

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