Randy Houser May Be the Most Under-Appreciated Vocalist In the Industry


Tonight we were fortunate to attend Randy Houser‘s Fired Up album release party with SiriusXM The Highway. It was one of those nights when you stop, look around, and remember exactly why you are in this town and why you will never leave it. With personality and talent as large as Randy’s, the room at Anchor Fellowship was filled with laughter, amazement, and entertainment, all in celebration of the Stoney Creek Records Number 1 artist.

During the event, Randy played new music, old music, and never-before-recorded music, relying solely upon his guitar, an occasional piano player, a couple of cameos from a three-woman choir, and an appearance by a cello. Each song, whether fast, slow, layered with vocals or instruments, or accompanied by a single guitar boomed within the four walls of the church, proving that a voice as godly as Randy’s should be shared with the masses.


Randy shared new songs off Fired Up, a seventeen-track album releasing tomorrow, March 11th, as well as old hits such as “Like A Cowboy”, and tunes he wrote for fun before he signed his Nashville deal. Emotionally belting lyrics with a range that reaches heights exceeding his tall stature and contagiously laughing at his own comedic writing, Randy held the audience in the palm of his hand, making each ticking moment one more grueling second closer to hitting “buy” on iTunes for the entire group.

With a voice as extraordinary as Randy’s and a catalog to back up his vocal abilities, it is a true shame and crime that his particular artist has not been duly recognized by the country music powers that be to the extent he deserves. As eloquently stated at the end of the night by a member of Randy’s team, if he does not get a Male Vocalist of the Year nod soon, it will be an absolute travesty and tragedy.

Watch the videos below to experience some of the stellar talent we were able to share the room with tonight, and remember to get your copy of Fired Up tomorrow to help start Randy on his climb toward the top of the charts where he belongs.


“Like A Cowboy”:


“Ain’t No Good Place to Cry”:







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