Arrest Made at Miranda Lambert’s Rodeo Houston Show


We would like to preface this article by stating that, luckily, Miranda Lambert and her band are safe and nobody was harmed in any way, thanks to the fast-acting Rodeo Houston security team.

Last night, Miranda performed for the crowd at the annual event, and as she was nearing the end of her show, a fan began to rush toward the stage. However, he was stopped by security before he was able to reach his destination.

According to local news outlets, the unidentified man was tackled and arrested after he jumped a fence and ran toward Miranda. Though officials are unsure of what the man intended to do upon reaching the Female Vocalist of the Year, it is believed he might have been attempting to deliver flowers.

A statement made by Rodeo Houston explains:

We confirm that yes there was an arrest for criminal trespassing, due to someone entering the arena. We make announcements that no spectators are allowed in the arena except for chute seat holders during the concert.

According to reports, Miranda had just finished her hit song “Gunpowder and Lead“, which is often used to close her show or lead into an encore.

Kudos to the Rodeo Houston security staff for being quick acting to protect Miranda Lambert and her band members. Guys, let this be a lesson — no matter what your intentions are, never rush a stage. It will never end well for you!




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