Yikes! Luke Bryan Storms Off After Prank


It sounds like pulling a prank on Luke Bryan after he’s imbibed may not be in your best interest. At least that is what professional pranksters, Roman Atwood and Dennis Roady, learned when they were hired to pull a fast one on the Entertainer of the Year.

According to Atwood and Roady, Bryan’s record label, Capitol Nashville, hired them to prank the Spring Breaker during one of his Panama City events. However, the timing was seemingly off, because when Atwood and Roady went to follow through with their plan, Bryan wasn’t down to play.

Atwood and Roady explained in an interview:

His record label flew us down to Panama City. We pulled off the prank, we executed it. He was doing a meet and greet with the sorority girls, hundreds of girls. We were playing two guys in the sorority so excited to meet Luke Bryan. The company set us up with a one on one. He was wasted. He was plowed. So I just start naming off everybody else’s music. I was like “Dude, your song ‘Thunder Rolls’ blew my mind. I still listen to it to this day!” He ends up storming off so pissed they wouldn’t sign the release. They flew us down, they paid a lot for it.

Atwood and Roady continued to explain that when Bryan returned, they asked him if he had ever hooked up with Dolly Parton. And therein was the moment that Bryan went from zero to sixty.

He was so confused, and then the alcohol made him angry. And ten minutes after the interview we had with him, he had to come out and perform on stage. So we’re out in the crowd watching him.

Note to selves: If we ever want to prank Luke Bryan, 1) don’t do it when he has been drinking and 2) just don’t do it at all.

Listen to TMZ’s interview with Roman Atwood and Dennis Roady by clicking here.