Kenny Chesney Is Ready to Move Forward With His Music


Kenny Chesney is not about to get complacent. Not even after playing to over 1.3 million fans in 2015. That is why the American kid who made his big revival last year is ready to continue moving forward with his music.

Kenny talked about how The Big Revival revived him, filling him back up with creativity and encouraging him to grind away at new and fresh material.

You have to take time to live and breathe, to fill up your tanks to be creative. Otherwise, you’re just on a treadmill churning out what you’ve already done… Who needs that? For me, especially after the success of The Big Revival, I want to move the music, the songs, the discussion forward!

After the wildly successful album, which spawned four huge hits for Kenny, the multi-platinum artist with unfathomable tour success realized that he was capable of more and is ready to push and exceed his own limits. With that mind frame, Kenny headed to Austin, the islands, and out on the road in search of new songs, while also teaming up with co-producer Buddy Cannon in the studio.

Kenny explained:

There’s a moment you feel a record grab hold, and take shape. You can have great songs and not have an album. You can have a killer record that won’t move people on the radio. The idea is to balance both, then hopefully create something that does both, that also says something as a whole. I think we’re on our way.

To help him travel the path that he was looking to pave, Kenny relied on several familiar songwriters who have worked with him to achieve success in the past. Matraca Berg, Hayes Carll, David Lee Murphy, Allison Moorer, Shane McAnally, and Josh Osborne are among the writers who Kenny enlisted to help him pen tracks on the forthcoming project.

There are a few writers who get me, who get my life and my soul. And I was lucky enough to have time to write with them. But I also got to hear a lot of great songs, some different writers, so there was a lot of music this time to draw from and be inspired by. . . . When we came off the road and I listened back to The Big Revival, all I could think was, “Man, we covered a lot of ground, went pretty cool, as well as new places musically.” I knew we couldn’t repeat, but I also wanted to find more new ways and new things to record!

The “new things” Kenny has recorded are expected to begin to roll out this Spring.