Kacey Musgraves would rather buy a horse than a boat…

Copyright: Facebook
Copyright: Facebook

In a time when most country stars are singing about buying a boat, Kacey Musgraves did what any dime store cowgirl would do…she bought a horse.

Kacey eluded to being “horse poor” earlier in the week on her twitter and then shared the exciting news that she got serious about horisin’ around today and put her money where the hoof is. She had this to say about her latest purchase:

Today marks a day I have dreamed of my entire life. I finally have my own horse! I was the little girl who drew pictures and poems about horses and snuck them under her parent’s pillows – always begging for them to let me have one. Meet Mismo! (“same” because he’s always the same horse every time you ride and because we have the same hair color) Cowgirl dreams DO come true!

Loads of memories await Kacey and Mismo! Happy trails to the both of them! But one question remains, instead of wanting to ride that wave, don’t you wanna ride that horse? Get it? No? Oh okay.