Justin Moore Stands Up in Support of Donald Trump


Justin Moore recently chatted with CMT’s Cody Alan and without hesitation, opened up about supporting Donald Trump in the upcoming election. The singer joked that his record label will love him speaking out, but that he hopes it will allow people to respect his opinion. “We can all have our own opinions…I can respect the differences in people….We can respect the fact that we each have educated viewpoints on it.”

It’s no surprise to anyone, I’m a Republican and pretty conservative. I said a couple of years ago that it was gonna take something completely out of the box in order to make that happen,” Says Moore. “I think Trump is doing that. I like the fact that he evokes a sense of winning…I like his bravado, I know it’s offensive to some…I’m not gonna say I agree with everything he says clearly, but I think he’s just wacky enough to go do it. He doesn’t like to lose. I think he’ll win for our country if he were to get in there, but I really like Ben Carson too.”


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  1. Pryniker1@frontier.com'

    I too believe Donald Trump is the best candidate to become president. There are times when Donald Trump will say things off the wall it is no different then Cruz and Rubio acting like two grade school bullies. I really thought as grown men all three would of presented themselves in higher standards… Name calling, asking all Republicans to go against Mr. Trump is very childish. Everyone lies all three have lied on stage…. I call it stretching the truth, Cruz and Rubio remind me of two fifth graders I knew, Tattletales, liars, making rude comments about others, My conclusion for all this is to put all your differences aside tell on yourself all the wrong each of you have done and still are doing. No one is perfect……………
    When I see this type of behavior I have to ask myself , “is this what my grandchildren have to look forward to”..
    Not one of them can tell me they are TRUE CHRISTIANS!!! A true Christian would not name call, bully others, ect…. We are all asked to treat and serve others as we would like to be treated and served… To be more like Christ and to love one another, treat one another with the upmost RESPECT……
    During these last few debates, I am seeing a whole different side of most Republicans out there.. Including the one who are in office now and NOT doing much for the people as PROMISED,,,,,,
    I have seen time after time the ugly greediness, deception, lies, racism among blacks and whites… ( to me ALL I SAID ALL LIFES MATTER.. WE ARE ALL GODS CHILDREN WHICH MAKES all of us BROTHERS AND SISTERS) and whole lot more from the Democrats..
    What America needs is someone that has not been in Politics, “Trump” one who can help get America back where it needs to be.Trump” term limits on Congress and Senators, Trump” no pay raise while in office( includes congress, senators, speaker of the house ect….. cancel Hugh retirements. “Trump” make people go out and worK for a living, no Welfare “Trump”
    No person getting state aid should be able to get refunds back for taxes. There are too many DEFRAUDING the system out there….. Having their parents, boyfriends and other friends and relatives claim part of their children just to get a Hugh tax refund and to split with them… ” I personal know quite a few who don’t work and are letting their mom and sister , and others claim their children while the parent kicks back collects money for their children whom are living with others not the parent collecting” While working people with and without children are paying up the butt in taxes just to be told more is owed to the Government. It needs to STOP! One should never get more than one puts in.. My personal opinion…

  2. spenser4321@msn.com'


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