Jessica Lynn “Turnt Up” Tampa With an Energetic Performance

Tonya Pace Photography

Since meeting Jessica Lynn, I have become a firm believer that people don’t come into your life by accident — they come by chance. This New York born and raised beauty was introduced to me for an artist interview and, by the time we hung up the phone, became a friend that I can’t imagine my life without.

Jessica opened for Jo Dee Messina in Tampa, Florida on Saturday, and while it was already exciting enough to see an energetic performer take the stage with her band of family members and friends, it was doubly special to see my good friend rock her set. Power packed from top to bottom, Jessica started her set with the upbeat “Try“, ended with a cover of Chuck Berry‘s “Johnny B. Goode“, and filled the in-between with original after original of country/pop/rock music that entertained every person in the crowd.


The set list contained songs such as “Girls Night“, “Kiss My Class“, “Turnt Up“, and current single “Not Your Woman”, a collection of tunes that demonstrate the polished performer’s confidence and sass. However, when you are surrounded by loved ones on the stage and share the type of bond that is evident in the Jessica Lynn band after a single glance, you would be hard-pressed to not stand tall and exude assurance.

Jessica supplemented her snappy set with choreography for the band, which showed off the camaraderie between the members and lead vocalist, while emitting a contagious wave of energy and fun to the audience. Unable to stifle her own laughter during certain moments, Jessica’s giggle booming through the speakers left onlookers in stitches as they fed off the artist often compared to Shania Twain.


Though the comparisons to the infamous Shania are well-deserved and accurately applied, what became clear during Jessica’s performance was that she is very much her own artist and needn’t rely on walking in the shadows of her strong female predecessors. The country girl who has made her presence known in the northeast, around the United States, and on national television (PBS), while worthy of being named in the same sentence as one of the genre’s greats, is a “great” in her own right. With an exuberance on stage that is uncommon in country music, Jessica turns a venue into a party and cordially invites all ticket holders to be her personal guests. And, as a friend and fan of this artist, consider me on the RSVP list every time.


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Watch our live video of Jessica performing her single “Not Your Woman” and original song “Over You” here:

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