Jay DeMarcus of the Rascal Flatts set to produce Shenandoah’s brand new record

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I can’t think of a more fitting match up than Shenandoah and Rascal Flatts. Two of country music’s most epic bands combine in an uber exciting way with Rascal Flatts’ very own Jay DeMarcus producing Shenandoah’s first album in….wait for it…10 years! So many milestones crossed to get to this point and for Shenandoah fans this definitely raises the excitement level.

Billboard shared that one of Shenandoah’s biggest fans just might be Jay himself:

“It’s been the thrill of a lifetime,” Jay said. “As someone who grew up in Ohio, it would be like tossing a football with Ken Anderson or Boomer Esiason. You never dream of it coming true. I would have Marty Raybon sing lines from some of my favorite Shenandoah songs. I’m sure I wore them out, but I followed them around asking, ‘Can you sing this?’ I was definitely like a kid in a candy store. It brought back so many memories of driving in my car to college listening to their Greatest Hits album and never once dreaming I would meet them and call them my friends, but also help them to discover some new music.”

This is the  first studio album since 2006’s Journey for the band with DeMarcus helming production. The new project will also mark singer Marty Raybon’s return to country music since leaving the group in 1997.  I know what you’re thinking…country music has changed a ton since they’ve put out music, but have no fear…Jay has their sound under control.

“With a band like Shenandoah, you don’t want to take things and deconstruct them to a point where you don’t recognize them. You want to put a fresh spin and a different take on it, and I think we’ve done that. There’s just enough of the old familiar sound mixed with a new sound and direction that it’s fresh again.” DeMarcus said with a laugh, adding that the band’s longtime fans can rest easy. “I didn’t make them a new Sam Hunt and I didn’t turn them into Rascal Flatts. It’s definitely Shenandoah.” 

Comforting words for sure. And now all that’s left to do is anxiously await….

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