Your Home Can Now Smell Like Jason Aldean…

Route 91 Harvest Country Music Festival - Day 3

Back in August, Luke Bryan partnered with Yankee Candle and released a “Kill the Lights” candle that was some sort of vanilla bourbon scent that was part joke and part promotion. Well, never one to be outdone by his Georgia co-bro, Jason Aldean just released his own candle…and no, I’m (unfortunately) not joking.

The “Laid Back” Unwined candle is now available in Aldean’s online store for $16. It’s made out of recycled beer bottles and “is inspired by Jason’s captivating spirit.” According to the website, the candle smells like vanilla, musk and sandalwood with hints of jasmine, lavender and orange.

While that doesn’t sound all that appealing, it does sound better than I expected. Frankly, I’d think a Jason Aldean candle would smell like day-old beer, beef jerky, chewing tobacco and blackface.