Exclusive Premiere: Hear Erica Bryan’s Single “Jericho”


I first met Erica Bryan when she released her dark, pain-stricken tune “This House Is Haunted“; a song that honestly speaks of the lingering hurt that remains when somebody leaves another behind. Now, the former Starstruck Entertainment/Reba McEntire employee is releasing her followup track, “Jericho“, the title track off her EP that will become available tomorrow, March 31, 2016.

The intelligently crafted “Jericho” is about a man who has built a protective wall around his heart, making it impossible for anybody to truly connect with him — except the one woman who is willing to work to break it down. Bryan sings about her tenacity when it comes to being that person who will circle around until she finds her entryway.

The relentless chorus promises:

I’m gonna march, march ’round Jericho. I’m gonna shout out loud ’round Jericho. Till the walls fall down, till the walls fall down, till the walls fall down.

Realizing she is one of many who have tried to reach into the heart of this man, Bryan refuses to let up the fight, insisting that “a raging storm starts with one drop of rain.”

Bryan’s offering is, once again, a masterpiece of picture-painting lyrics and an emotionally-driven vocal performance. If I have learned anything from covering Erica Bryan over the years, it is that this is one artist who is going to provide outside the box deliveries of inside the box subject matter, making her a standout songwriter and singer who is deserving of recognition for her unique approach to country music.

Listen to “Jericho” below and download Bryan’s EP of the same name tomorrow, March 31.





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