Dave Barnes Exclusive Premiere: “She’s the One I Love”


On the eve of the release of his ninth studio album Carry On, San Vincente, Dave Barnes is sharing one of the album’s standout tracks exclusively with us.

The song is a standout on his conceptual nine track album, which takes the Nashville singer-songwriter into new musical territory. “This album, with its sonic direction, is a project I have always wanted to make,” said Barnes. “From start to finish it’s a nod to some of the greatest artists of all time in my opinion, like Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, Crosby Still & Nash, etc. We created an alum that was so fun to make and will really translate live so we are excited to get out on the road and play it for the fans.”

Stay tuned to NashvilleGab for an exclusive interview with Dave coming soon.

Listen to “She’s the One I Love” exclusively on NashvilleGab.