Curing a Hangover 101 With Dustin Lynch


The hangover. It has plagued us all (of legal age, of course) at some point in time. Luckily for us, the “Mind Reader” is now teaching us how to recover from a night of mind erasers.

Dustin Lynch recently shared his secret hangover cure with Billboard as part of a St. Patrick’s Day piece. While some stars gulp Pedialyte, take B-12 injections, or banana bag themselves for an expeditious recovery, the Broken Bow Records chart-topper prefers to live by the old wives’ tail to just “keep drinking”.

Lynch told Billboard, “You have to bite the snake. If the night before lingers past lunch, call the Captain. A few shots with a Coca-Cola Classic and you’ll be good to go.”

If you are waking up right now, following a long St. Patrick’s Day celebration, why not give this tactic a try? You probably can’t feel any worse than you already do…