Premiere: Get Vocal Tips While Killin’ Time with Clint Black (Watch!)


This year marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of Clint Black‘s iconic Killin’ Time. In celebration of the milestone, the award-winning country music star has been offering up little pieces of himself in the form of musical and/or instructional videos.

In this exclusive NashvilleGab premiere, Clint gives fans some insight as to how he has kept his voice so pristine over the last two and one-half decades. As Clint explains, the vocal chords are a muscle and need to be worked out accordingly, and this superstar has some tips for those who want to preserve their own the way he has been able to over the years.

Get vocal warmup tips from one of the best voices in country music history, and also listen to Clint make some incredibly funny noises, by watching the Killin’ Time anniversary video below. Is there a “better man” to get advice from?!