Charlie Worsham is Proof that Good People Exist


When it comes to highly underrated country stars, Charlie Worsham is very high up there on our list of those who deserve much more attention. While the “Could it Be” singer is currently working on his sophomore album, he recently headed to Europe to play some shows with Frankie Ballard, and he may have nabbed some German attention for all the wrong reasons.

It turns out that, while in Germany, Charlie had an interesting experience where he found himself in a foreign country with no cash, so he walked out on his tab. However, rather than dine and ditch, Charlie took to Instagram to share how he made up for his table transgressions.

He posted a photo of a postcard on Instagram, written in German, with that caption, “confession time.. I walked out on my tab one night in Munich, Germany ?!! they were cash only & I was out of cash & didn’t know what to do, so I panicked. now that I’m back in the states, I ordered some Euros from the bank & trusted google translator to help me write an apology in German. US Postal Service will tell me when the package reaches its destination… Zephyr Bar, you were fantastic & I hope to return someday (with cash, of course). and to the group of 5 for whom I “bought” birthday shots.. I hope the rest of your night was wonderful!

Ah Charlie Worsham, you’re proof that good people do exist!



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