Carrie Underwood & Mike Fisher Share a Sweet Moment with Baby Isaiah


On Monday, March 21, Carrie Underwood’s hubby Mike Fisher was honored for his 1,000th NHL hockey game and she showed her support with baby Isaiah in her arms. The proud mama and wife held her one-year-old baby boy, decked out in his own Nashville Predators jersey, while also sharing a sweet smooch with Isaiah’s daddy.


To celebrate his accomplishments, Fisher was presented with a silver hockey stick, a framed photo collage depicting his 16-year career and a Tiffany crystal from the NHL.


He was also honored by his wife, via a pre-recorded message as Carrie touted her husband’s accomplishments. “I’m so proud of you for so many reasons. Specifically tonight I’m proud of you because I know how hard you work at everything you do and how much dedication you have towards hockey and towards this team. And I just think you’re the best.”

Watch the ceremony here:

The NHL also immortalized this super sweet moment in gif form.

Images via AP Photo/Mark Humphrey


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    They are a nice young couple that do a lot of good things in the community (and the world). Need more of that kind in the world. They should definitely be the “Power Couple” in Nashville for all the do, the way they live their lives and their professional achievements. What a good example they are to others. There are none better. Baby Fish has really grown and is so cute. Nice family!!!!!


    Congrats to Mike Fisher. The only thing I’d like to point out to Nashvillegab is that Mike has only been with the Predators since February 2011, other than that a great article!


      Mike was not honored just for his time in Nashville, but for all the years and games he has played in his career. He definitely deserves the accolades as well as any other player that has achieved what he has. Mike has worked very hard for his recognition. It seems that Nashville (ACM/CMA, etc.) has a habit of rewarding some over and over again when there are more hard working, deserving people that should have been rewarded, and that is so wrong. Seems to me they should change the names of the award shows to “The WME Awards”.

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