Brad Paisley Almost Pulls Wrong Couple On Stage For Proposal (Watch!)

Brad Paisley
Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley is known for being quite the prankster in the industry, but this little laughing matter was no prank. Instead, it was an honest mistake that almost led to the wrong couple being pulled on stage during a concert and leaving an anxious man and his future fiancee in the lurch.

During Brad’s romantic song “She’s Everything”, he was supposed to pull a couple on to the catwalk so a surprise proposal could take place. However, Brad pinpointed the wrong people while one of his crew members escorted the right spouses-to-be to the stage.

All brief moments of confusion aside, the man dropped to a knee, asked the magic question, and his sobbing significant other said “yes”.

Watch the video below and prepare to laugh, cry, and laugh again. Oh, and if we haven’t said it lately that Brad Paisley shreds the guitar like an absolute champ, let it be said right now.