Dirty Details on Blake Shelton’s Forthcoming Song


Now that Blake Shelton has shared some information about his next album, let’s give the man a hand and throw in some additional details that he withheld.

Many months ago we were in the company of some…let’s call them “little birdies” close to Blake who were flapping their beaks about the song that they are planning to release this month as his next single.

The first thing you should know is that it’s rumored to be all about Miranda Lambert…and not in a nice way. Fans can expect to hear the following phrases in the song:

“You put the B next to itch” (note below), “you put the hang in hangover”, “you put the low in blow,” and “you put the F-U in my future”.

Again, we were given this info many months ago, and now that he is happily involved with Gwen Stefani, maybe plans have changed. Regardless, we are pretty sure you will at least get this bitter song as a track once the album is released…and we can’t wait.

We also can’t wait for Miranda’s response…

Update from Shannon: A rep from Warner Music has informed me that the “B next to itch” line is not in fact part of the song, so sorry about that misinformationAlso, there’s much debate about whether the song is about Miranda Lambert or not. I have my thoughts on the subject, but will say that nothing is for sure (because none of us are in Blake’s head, obviously) and the song could absolutely just be a random song that Blake randomly chose to put on his most “honest album ever,” so, you know, make of it what you will. 


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  1. threeguinea@gmail.com'

    RIP Miranda Lambert’s soul.

    1. spenser221@msn.com'

      I think her soul will be just fine. This is country music. Both have moved on and are doing just fine w/ people who make much better sense. 🙂

  2. hylanse43@aol.com'

    Sounds like something Blake would put out. Probably took 3 other people to help him come up w/ the disses. Hey at least he is ACTUALLY writing his own songs. Bless His Heart. 🙂

    1. spenser221@msn.com'


  3. Povitica@aol.com'

    VERY disappointed in him if this is the case. He seems very lost, he doesn’t even know who he really is, maybe he never did. He’s a chameleon. Where Miranda hasn’t changed a bit about the person she is and always says she is.
    Sadly he’s going to take himself down.

    1. michelle_213123treweweert@gmail.com'

      She cheated on him and he’s the “chameleon”? pls.. she’s not just a chameleon she’s a errrr.. put the b next to itch! 😉 lmao

  4. maryosdosadjaisodj@gmail.com'

    lol can’t wait to hear it

  5. Stormycloudsdesigns@yahoo.com'

    And Im just wondering who helped him right them songs I think we already know just get on with your life and let it go and im pretty sure he cheated on her no doubt..

  6. chablis315@msn.com'

    I’m sure BS was a choir boy in the relationship.? Let’s not forget his rumored friend in LA a few years back. What is good for the goose is good for the gander!

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