Blake Shelton Spills the Details on New Album “If I’m Honest”


It looks like no details of Blake Shelton‘s personal life are off limits on his forthcoming album, which is due out soon with a new single coming even sooner. Blake chatted with ET’s Nancy O’Dell, admitting that everything that has happened in the last year is on the record.

The album, entitled If I’m Honest, will be released on May 20. “This is the most excited I’ve been about a new album since the release of my second record,” Shelton said in a statement. The album’s semi-autobiographical first single “Came Here to Forget” is currently #1 on iTunes.

“I can put my life experience, whether it’s a divorce or my new girlfriend, whatever those experiences are, whatever things that are happening in my life, I have an outlet for them,” Shelton says to ET. “I have music. I can write songs, I can sing about it.”

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His album will also feature an appearance from the legendary Oak Ridge Boys. “In my mind, when I had the Oak Ridge Boys come and sing on my album — which, I could not be more honored and happy, everything that you can be, it’s the Oak Ridge Boys — so I am thinking, ‘Man, this is going to be a perfect secret,'” Shelton says. “‘Nobody is ever going to know until this album comes out.’ And they came and sang and five minutes later, I looked on Twitter like, ‘Oh, they are telling everybody on Twitter right now!’

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