Blake Shelton Makes Sworn Statement in $2 Million Lawsuit Against “InTouch”


Back in October of 2015, Blake Shelton filed a $2 million lawsuit against InTouch Weekly over a cover story that alleged he was bound for rehab.

While Shelton usually takes to Twitter to laugh off such reports, he’s taken a stand against this particular magazine and was “furious” with the reports. ET Online obtained Shelton’s statement against the magazine’s parent company, Bauer Media. “Not only was I not in rehab or headed to rehab when it was published, but I also do not have a drinking problem,” he writes. “All of this was false and went so far beyond prior stories about me that I had previously denied with humor.”

I do not drink excessively, binge drink, or have a drinking problem. I do not, as the Rehab Story alleges, drink vodka before 11:00 a.m. I am never drunk, intoxicated, or unable to perform my job on The Voice or elsewhere,” he continues.

Blake also took issue to reports about the very public end of his marriage to Miranda Lambert, writing:

My ex-wife Miranda Lambert did not catch me with a bunch of naked women in our Tennessee home one night…Ms. Lambert did not tape me while drinking and then show me a video of myself the following day. During our marriage, Ms. Lambert never begged, demanded, or asked me to go to rehab…I did not handle my first divorce by drinking, nor has my drinking increased or escalated since my divorce from Ms. Lambert.”


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    Blake shouldn’t have tried to portray himself as a drunk and then be surprised that he would be called that in the tabloids. Also he always talked about drunk tweeting & the TV show had a running gag about “what was in Blake’s cup” so good luck w/ that Blake-don’t think you will win this one. He has a lot of $ so he could just keep doing motions in the hopes of getting them to settle but besides that If you talk about always being drunk, not a lot of room to stand on.


      Blake AND Miranda have always given the impression that they drank a lot and bragged about it. A couple of friends and I were at a Miranda concert and she was actually rude. She was upset that people were not standing up and showing a lot of noise, etc. and said that she was sick and had a few drinks and a couple of pills so that she could perform for us then we should show her some love back. She did not perform well at all and her vocals were all over the place—and—she walked off stage and did not come back for an encore. Real classy… That was the last concert of Miranda’s we attended and we will never go again. Both Blake and Miranda are braggarts and so childishly immature to think that fans will put up with their behavior forever. I do not feel one bit sorry for either of them because they created the negativity for themselves.

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