Watch Blake Shelton’s “Came Here To Forget” Video

Blake Shelton Came Here to Forget

The first single off Blake Shelton‘s new album, “Came Here To Forget“, has been on everyone’s lips like a glass of sangria. Now, the sexy video that mirrors the gorgeous single cover is circulating around the Internet and adding a layer of sensuality to the already somewhat steamy tune.

Filmed entirely in black and white, Shelton’s new video takes place on a beach, showing that a break from reality was very much intended following a painful breakup that left his heart shattered. Once he arrives at his getaway, it isn’t just the waves crashing and the salt in the air that brings him some serenity — it’s also a beautiful stranger who caught his eye. As the two enjoy the scenery and a conversation at the bar, things heat up and they are able to mask the memories that they came there to forget.

Watch Blake Shelton’s “Came Here To Forget” video here: