A Child Star Makes Her Comeback on “The Voice” (Watch!)


Alright 1980s kids, you know you were as excited as I was to see the audition that brought all four coaches to their feet last night on NBC’s The Voice. The contestant was Alisan Porter, the song was “Blue Bayou“, and the claim to fame might have knocked you off your own seat.

Alisan absolutely slayed the 1963 country pop/rockabilly Ray Orbison song (that later turned into Linda Ronstadt‘s signature tune), not only turning around all four coaches’ chairs, but resulting in a warranted standing ovation. While the coaches were surprised by the voice they heard, they were even more shocked about where they had seen the face before.

“I played ‘Curly Sue‘ in the movie ‘Curly Sue,'” the now thirty-four-year-old Alisan shared. She also reminded the celebrity panel that she had been on the competition show stage before, as she competed in the Ed McMahon-hosted Star Search.

Ultimately, Alisan chose fellow former Star Search contestant Christina Aguilera as a her coach, but, regardless of team affiliation, the little girl who won me over in the 80s stole my heart right back in 2016.


Watch Alisan Porter’s jaw-dropping rendition of “Blue Bayou” here: