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Every great artist knows they wouldn’t be where they are today without legends that paved the way. And while each country sangin’ lady is a star in their own right, we can’t help but see a little bit of comparison between some of our modern day country singers and some of these legends.

  1. Carrie Underwood and Reba
    At first glance one might not get it, but who else can tell a twisted story with vocals so pure it makes it seem effortless?
  2. Cam and Dolly Parton
    Fairly convinced Cam is Dolly reincarnated. I mean, let’s face it….Dolly could sing Cam’s ‘My Mistake’ and go top of the charts just as easily as Cam could sing ‘Why’d You Come In Here Looking Like That?’ and do the same.
  3. Cassadee Pope and Shania Twain
    Okay sure, they can both rock crop tops like no one’s business, but their fun, distinctive sounds and captivating performances on stage definitely remind us of one other.
  4. Kacey Musgraves and Loretta Lynn
    Really…this is a no brainer. Other than the great hair, it’s the way they both could get a message across in a traditional song that resonates deep in the souls of true country music lovers. That is timeless.
  5. Kelsea Ballerni and Taylor Swift
    Yeah, we know Taylor is a bit young to be a legend, but it’s my thread and Taylor is queen so deal. But seriously…no one does Taylor Swift quite like Kelsea. From the song writing to the bubbly personality. #NailedIt
  6. Mickey Guyton and Martina McBride
    Uhhh….one mord: Ballads. Both vocalists make them their full time job. Simply stunning.
  7. Miranda Lambert and Jo Dee Messina
    Jo Dee Messina was the original feisty chick. Let’s face it…we were all scared of crossing her. And I think it’s safe to say Miranda definitely puts fear in some people for the same reason.
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Massive thanks to all the ladies out there paving the way and doing the damn thing.


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