Singer-Songwriter Victoria Banks Pens Open Letter to Her Heart (Watch!)


If you know me, you have heard me say this on many occasions: Songwriters don’t get the respect they deserve in the music industry. Whether it is through an illegal download that prevents them from receiving pay for their hard work; whether it is by living quietly in someone else’s shadow; or whether it is by trying to step out into the spotlight after years behind-the-scenes without recognition, songwriters are an under-appreciated class of brilliance that is too often overlooked.

Victoria Banks is one of the Nashville songwriters who deserves praise; having had a hand in penning songs such as Mickey Guyton’s “Why Baby Why”, Sister C’s “Faint of Heart”, and Jessica Simpson’s “Come Over”. Victoria also emerges from the writing room as a singer herself, releasing four albums and a wide array of singles.

However, it is Victoria’s most recent song that has just captured our hearts.

“Hello Heart” is a love letter to your own heart, encouraging it to heal and wearily face the world again, following a bout with fear, doubt, embarrassment, or something else incredibly painful. Sharing her music video with those who have suffered, Victoria gives fans the opportunity to express themselves and tell viewers about their own hardships — ones they have overcome after their hearts figuratively were able to tick again.

The gorgeously delivered acoustic track is a gentle reminder to everybody to treat those around them with kindness, as you never know what battle anybody is fighting. Watch “Hello Heart” below and prepare to come out the other side with a more grateful and understanding soul.