Two Story Road Performs Rare Song at Bluebird Cafe (Watch!)


Tonight, at Nashville‘s legendary Bluebird Cafe, Two Story Road participated in a songwriters’ round with Fred Wilhelm, Walker Hayes, and Ryan Kinder. With each artist performing five songs, choosing the select few from a lengthy catalog is not an easy task, but Two Story Road (as well as the other artists) brought its A-game, selecting a variety of tunes to keep the crowd entertained.

Included on Two Story Road’s list was a song they have never performed out, “Leave Me Like You Mean It“. Now, don’t let the title confuse you; the song was written prior to Kelsea Ballerini‘s Number 1 (“Love Me Like You Mean It“) and lives in a different stratosphere as far as subject matter. However, the closeness of the titles was not lost on the exceptionally talented duo, and they made sure to point out the fact that this song was essentially tucked away for safe keeping after the Black River hit was released.

Fortunately for attendees at the Bluebird Cafe show (put together by Fred Wilhelm co-writer on “Arson”), Two Story Road uncovered the sad song and shared it with the intimate crowd. “Leave Me Like You Mean It” paints the picture of an on again, off again relationship that hits the lowest of lows, resulting in repeated heartbreaks. Eventually, one half of the couple has to pull the plug on the oxygen being pumped through the relationship and is forced to urge the other to leave for good this time, knowing it’s for the best.

As always, Two Story Road delivers a chill-inducing, flawless performance, filled with passion and power. Though a breakup song is not one fans often hear from the happily married duo, Brandon and Jamelle Fraley prove with this one that they can commit to and tackle anything that they lend their talents to, making me boldly state that this is, lyrically and performance-wise, one of my favorite Two Story Road songs to date.

Watch Two Story Road perform “Leave Me Like You Mean It”:


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