What Happens When a Country Duo Is Inspired by Pentatonix?


You get a video that will change the game for duo Two Story Road. A video that, as soon as you see it, will make you realize something undeniably special just happened in country music. A video that will show the world what we have known for years — Two Story Road deserves to stand out among the rest.

Today, they do.

A little over a month ago, Nashville had quite the snowstorm, stranding many of us in our homes for several days. Rather than taking time off, Two Story Road chose to be productive and have some fun in their garage. The result of this “fun” was a masterpiece that will blow your minds. Two Story Road explained to NashvilleGab:

Back in January, Nashville got hit with a pretty bad snow storm. With most of our meetings and writing appointments canceled, we decided to take advantage of the downtime and make this video. From the time we started working on the vocal arrangement, to putting the finishing touches on the video, the whole thing took about seven days and was 100% homemade by just the two of us.

Sharing that GRAMMY Award-winning fivesome Pentatonix was a major influence on their creativity in these moments, Brandon and Jamelle Fraley set up a makeshift video shoot in their home garage, relying solely on an iPhone, some lights, a ladder, and their artistic eyes.


Most singers love and appreciate a cappella music and we’re no exception. We’ve been huge fans of Pentatonix since their very first performance on “The Sing Off”. Seeing their creativity in arranging songs was the inspiration behind this whole idea. . . . We needed a solid white wall and our garage was perfect. We just had to move some tools out of the way. The only downside was the weather. It was seventeen degrees outside, so you can imagine how freezing it was in our garage. At one point, we had to bring in space heaters because we didn’t want our breath to show up on the video.

Then, stripping down their song “Arson” off their debut EP, Brandon single-handedly provided instrumentals to the tune while Jamelle ripped through the song in ways only this particular vocalist could. Ultimately, the couple spent hours in front of a home computer layering and lacing together pieces of a puzzle to create a piece of art that is unlike anything seen in country music before, thereby, once again, proving the incredibly unique and dynamic talents this duo possesses.

brandon-fraley-two-story-road-garage jamelle-fraley-two-story-road-garage

Brandon and Jamie, congratulations on an incomparable piece of art that will change your lives! You make me proud to be a part of the country music community; but, more importantly, you make me proud to call you two talented, kindhearted, hardworking musical magicians my friends.

And, without further ado, we present to you Two Story Road’s unbelievable a cappella version of original song “Arson”.

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