Tim McGraw Hates Social Media


Social media. It’s its own world out there. Many artists can testify to the fact that platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have brought them closer to their fans, given them avenues to deliver more intimate pieces of themselves, and have even served as catalysts to release new music.

However, all of these perks haven’t won the humble and kind Tim McGraw over. Tim recently shared at a media event:

I can be honest — I hate social media. I understand it, and it’s certainly a big part of our business and what we do. I’m coming along. When it’s fun and it’s interesting and I really think I have something to say, then I say something. But for the most part, I don’t want to do it every day. I don’t want to get involved in it every day. I don’t think it means as much if you do. I’m old school. I’m an analog guy in a digital world. I don’t quite get it. But I understand it. I understand how important it is, and I understand that I need to do more of it. . . . I don’t know if I’m ever gonna be a social media animal. I don’t know that that’s ever gonna happen.

For someone who isn’t quite the “social media animal”, Tim has certainly acquired quite the following, totaling more than ten million followers across the networks. Keep doing what you’re doing, Tim, because it appears your fans like you, they love you, and they want some more of you, regardless of how much you are giving them on the Internet.