Is the Power Out On The Band Perry’s Big Machine?


We, the staff here at NashvilleGab, have noticed some recent interesting events when it comes to The Band Perry. Rather than speaking out of turn or firing assumptions blindly into the wind, we thought it would be wise to sit back, investigate, do a little research, and share our data when the time is right.

We believe that time is now.

Perhaps what struck us first was the fact that The Band Perry went on a follow spree on Twitter, zeroing in on those with the words “country music” in their bios. One by one we began to see people we know or follow ourselves thank the sibling trio for a follow, which sparked an interest regarding what was going on behind closed doors. Mind you, this all followed the release of the treacherous “Put Me In the Game Coach” (which ultimately was removed from YouTube after Hunger Games types of rebellion ensued in the country music fan base).

It was at this point we started to raise our eyebrows a bit and wonder if something fishy was going with for Kimberly, Neil, and Reid; but it’s been the events that followed that have led us to believe we are right. Specifically, the recent removal of all things “Live Forever” from iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, YouTube, Vevo, and CMT has made us believe that someone shut the power down on The Band Perry big machine.

Additionally, the sibling trio was noticeably missing from this past week’s CRS festivities. In fact, they didn’t even appear on Big Machine’s CRS poster, causing more than a few eyebrows to raise.

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Lastly, the siblings were supposed to release their album last fall, but it never saw the light of day. They claimed that they had a burst of creative energy and an exciting collaborator, but a new release date for Heart+Beat was never revealed.

Ironically, as we were writing this post, the sibling trio tweeted this to its fans:

The plot thickens…

If our thoughts are correct, it seems as though The Band Perry will not live forever; but, if you ask us, they are being handed their death sentence while they are too young.

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