The Award Luke Bryan SHOULD Win…


Most falls EVER by a human on or off a stage.

That’s right, the Entertainer of the Year who has made himself the king of toppling off stages recently fell on stage after not-so-gracefully trying to catch a beer. Yes, you read that right … “trying to catch a beer”. Only in country music!

The good news is, Luke Bryan figured out a way to turn his unexpected slip into a moment that explains why he has received the coveted honor of CMA “Entertainer of the Year” two times now. He turned the blunder into a So You Think You Can Dance audition for Team Street and began to break dance in front of his Canadian crowd.

Though his “B Boy” moves leave a lot to be desired, you can’t fault the man for trying to save face in this situation! I mean, this impromptu choreography was no worse than his staple “shake it for me” grind, right?