#TBT Sam Hunt Shares Piano Version of New Single “Make You Miss Me” (Watch!)


Sam Hunt‘s fifth single off hit album Montevallo, “Make You Miss Me“, will be impacting radio in the coming weeks. In anticipation of its official release, the man who has created quite a buzz in the genre uploaded an “antique” video of him performing the ballad that deviates from his typical catchy tune.

Peeling away the layers completely, Sam shared a black and white video of just him, a piano, and his unmistakably beautiful vocals as he sings the song that fans have hoped would become an eventual single. Don’t let the slow tempo of the track fool you — Sam Hunt puts his signature magnetic magic on the lyrics, quickly traversing through the chorus as if its a sprint, albeit maintaining the soft instrumentals throughout.

As always, Sam Hunt strays from the country music norm and continues to branch out into his own sub-genre with “Make You Miss Me”…and we wouldn’t have it any other way for this musical tastemaker.