There’s Somethin’ ‘Bout Platinum for Miranda Lambert…


There’s just something about platinum when it comes to Miranda Lambert. Not only is it the name of her last album, but it is now the type of certification five of her six studio albums has received.

That’s right! Miranda received word today that Platinum is now platinum, having shipped over one million copies. The six-time CMA and ACM Female Vocalist of the Year is now celebrating the success of her sixth full-length album and another accolade under her belt.

Congratulations, Miranda!

mirandalambert It’s official! Platinum is Platinum!!! Ahhhhhh! Country fans… I love y’all with all my ❤️. Thanks for all the years of love and support! #somethinboutplatinum








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    Miranda has 5 albums- Kerosene, Crazy Ex, Revolution, Four the Record & Platinum all #1 albums and now all platinum. She is 5 of 5!


      Yes Miranda has 5 solo studio albums and 2 Pistol Annie albums. Her solo albums have all debuted at #1 and gone platinum, one of the Pistol Annie cds debuted #1 and the other #2. Miranda did a little independent garage cd when she was a teen in Texas but she has ONLY 5 studio. 🙂

      1. Jen Swirsky

        She had a self-released album in 2001.


          Independent not studio- doesn’t count.

    2. Jen Swirsky

      She had a self-released album in 2001.

      Carolyn Padula

      Miranda, you go girl!!! Love your music!!! Just record Scars now!!! Love that song I was at City Winery the night you first sang it!!! Get is going girl it is another hit for you girl. Keep up listening to who you are listening to in your music and more happiness will happen for you with your career.

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