Hey Luke Bryan! This Girl’s a Little “Drugged” on You…


Ouch … to both the wisdom teeth removal and a loved one’s need to embarrass a patient whose medication hasn’t quite worn off just yet.

Poor Francis just had her wisdom teeth out by the Dentist In Catoosa and her first concern wasn’t pain, dryness, gauze, swelling, or any of the usual post-op issues associated with the dental procedure. Instead, the still-drugged “extractee” was worried that Luke Bryan would be mad at her for missing his concert.

Thankfully — for Francis and Luke — the show has not happened yet and she was simply suffering from some delusions associated with the medication from her surgery; however, it was touch and go there for awhile, considering Francis legitimately cried tears of sadness and fear over the chance the “Home Alone Tonight” singer would hold a grudge against her.

Watch the video below and laugh with Francis’s friends/family as she sobs about letting Luke down and then happily comes to the realization that all is right in the world, the show must go on, and she will be in the audience (with a few less teeth) to enjoy it!