Surprisingly Kip Moore Can’t Win All the Ladies’ Hearts

Kip Moore courtesy

We know you are likely shocked by this headline. In fact, we are shocked that we had to write it. Unfortunately for Kip Moore though, he learned the hard way that he can’t win over all the ladies, despite his good looks, uniquely stellar voice, and relatable lyrics.

Kip hit his social media accounts today to admit defeat after meeting a less-than-eager fan during a recent meet and greet while out on his Wild Ones Tour. The “fan” (or lack thereof?) comes in the form of a pint-sized precious princess who, quite frankly, looked like she would rather be running FROM you than FOR you, Kip. And, while we could easily classify the smokin’ singer-songwriter as a “heartbreaker”, he took it to a new level this time.

Though we feel for Kip, considering rejection is a hard pill to swallow, we can’t help but laugh at how unbelievably torturous the experience that many of us would love to have seemed to be for this little tyke! Kip, call us. We’ll smile big and bright for a photo!