#FBF Jo Dee Messina Sings Reba McEntire’s “Whoever’s In New England” on a 1989 Demo (Listen!)


Before she was flipping a coin and calling heads or tails, Jo Dee Messina was a New England (born and raised) teenager working toward a country music career. At the age of nineteen, Jo Dee put together a demo tape and appropriately included a fellow redhead powerhouse’s 1986 Number 1 hit song — Reba McEntire’s “Whoever’s In New England”.

Sounding like an artist with massive potential and youthful innocence, Jo Dee crooned about the pain of infidelity and losing the one you love, all the while attempting to show Music City moguls that she is their next chart-topping, award-winning female sensation. Indicating the she has an incomparable range, stunning ability, and unparalleled emotion in her delivery, Jo Dee made a strong case on her demo, ultimately culminating in a major record deal and over twenty years of (still) ongoing successes.

Listen to Jo Dee Messina’s rendition of Reba McEntire’s “Whoever’s In New England”:






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