Jake Owen is Hitting the Road in a “Love Bus”


This afternoon, Jake Owen went live on Facebook to share some exciting news with his fans. In support of his new single, “American Country Love Song,” Jake will take his feelgood vibe on the road in a green 1966 Volkswagen bus that he’s named the “Love Bus.”

Jake will be hitting the road from Nashville to Key West, stopping to meet fans along the way and sing some new tunes.

“I had this exciting idea to spread love as much as I can, spread positivity. All of y’all out there know over the years that I love to spontaneously interact with my fans and friends out there on the road. You can hang out with me in the bus, I’ll play some new songs for you,” said Owen.

So if you happen to be along the road from Nash to Key West, make sure to keep your eye out for the love bus rolling down the road. It’s hard to miss!

Jake’s love bus is also on Twitter at @jakeslovebus.

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