There Is Nothing Small About Emily Brooke’s “So Small” Performance On American Idol (Watch!)


Tonight on American Idol, the final “green mile” took place, revealing the last ever Top 24 contestants on the reality competition television show. Among the hopefuls vying for a spot in the group was South Florida country singer Emily Brooke.

Emily originally auditioned for Idol last season and was cut during the green mile, taking the judges’ decision with class and maturity and spending the next year working on her craft. This year, when Emily made her return, the judges immediately noted the growth that was evident in the now sixteen (recently turned seventeen) year-old and continuously commented about how much she had improved.

Taking the stage for her final big audition during Hollywood Week, Emily did what few aspiring stars can do, and that is tackle a Carrie Underwood song before a live audience and a slew of producers and judges who held her fate in their hands. Singing “So Small”, Emily proved that her talent is anything but, as she delivered a “uniquely her” performance of the hit tune, separating herself from a former Idol winner and showing the world that the next champion could be standing in front of them.

Emily Brooke ultimately made it into the Top 24 of American Idol’s Farewell Season due to all of her performances up until now, but there is no doubt that her rendition of “So Small” solidified her spot, both in the exclusive group of singers and America’s hearts.

Watch Emily Brooke perform “So Small” here:

Featured image: Sara Kauss Photography