Dustin Lynch Calling Dibs on Kelsea Ballerini?

dustinlynchmusicI'm callin dibs
Photo copyright: Instagram dustinlynchmusic I’m callin dibs

Dustin Lynch and Kelsea Ballerini haven’t been shy about sharing their buddying relationship friendship with the public. Adorable as friends or????

What do YOU think?

kelseaballeriniCRS-ing with @dustinlynchmusic. Photo copyright: Instagram
kelseaballeriniCRS-ing with @dustinlynchmusic. Photo copyright: Instagram
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  1. teamjnett@gmail.com'

    Just friends. Kelsea has been dating her boyfriend for a good long while. He co-wrote Love Me Like You Mean It along with several other songs with her. She tweeted someone it was just her and Dustin having a “duck face” competition with selfies. Nothing more.

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