Who Doesn’t Love a Good F*** You Song?!

Country Music F You Songs

Music allows us to emote on many levels. Sometimes we share happiness, sometimes we share sadness, and sometimes we give somebody a good ole passive aggressive “F*** YOU!” No matter the message, no matter the meaning, the beauty of artistic expression is relaying whatever you want, however you want.

This holds true for many of our favorite country artists.

Whether they are going through a breakup and ready to move on completely; whether they are tired of the incessant squabbling that comes along with being in competing girl groups; whether their albums were burned by the public after a foot-in-mouth situation, country artists don’t hesitate to occasionally give someone the big musical heave ho. Unfortunately for the person on the receiving end of the lyrics, turning on the radio can be a constant reminder that somebody isn’t just over you, they are one-hundred percent DONE.

Here are some of our favorite country music songs, delivering a not-so-subtle “f*** you” to someone(s) (in alphabetical order by artist’s first name).

The Band Perry’s “DONE.”

We learned one very important lesson from The Band Perry when they released “DONE.”, and that is to never mess with this sibling trio. After a collection of songs about death, the group exploded with this ginormous “eff you” to someone who done did them wrong … and we sort of loved it.

The Dixie Chicks’ “Not Ready to Make Nice”

Oh Natalie. Why? The answer is simple: So you could release a song like “Not Ready to Make Nice” and provide me with my favorite The Dixie Chicks tune ever. Unapologetically, the ladies stood their ground with this track, refusing to just shut up and sing and alerting their haters that they’re still mad as hell. And watch the eff out. They’re back!

Jo Dee Messina’s “Peace Sign”

This tongue-in-cheek tune may be a country music breakup song; however it is anything but typical. Jo Dee Messina’s “Peace Sign” encourages us to stand up, brush it off, and give someone the bird as they walk away. Oh, and if you are Jo Dee, this farewell also includes a snarky “IDGAF” laugh. Ah, passive aggressiveness at its finest.

Keith Urban’s “You’ll Think of Me”

Speaking of passive aggressive, Keith Urban embraces this way of approaching a situation in a beautiful ballad that tells someone to GTFO. Sure, you’ve moved on and found someone new, but good luck forgetting the person you left behind … because you can’t. Happy dwelling!

Kellie Pickler’s “Red High Heels”

We’ve all been there — under the spell of a game player who strings us along and toys with our emotions. Kellie Pickler’s “Red High Heels” gives a nice, sexy middle finger salute to the man who thinks he can win with that strategy. Good effing luck, dude.

Leah Turner’s “My Finger”

So, maybe Leah Turner doesn’t mean that finger, but, really, she totally does. I mean, what is a bigger shun than ripping an engagement ring off, flinging it at a cheater, and topping it off by showing that bare finger? Lord knows this man deserved a good four-seam right to the …….. for what he did anyway. WTF?

Lindsay Ell’s “By the Way”

Lindsay Ell takes a different approach with her hair flip and finger flip in her contagious and catchy single “By the Way”. Pssht, do Lindsay wrong and she will stick it to you through the best means of revenge possible — moving on and living life free of that unnecessary weight. Hey mister, guess who’s going the eff out tonight!

Miranda Lambert’s “Only Prettier”

Miranda Lambert goes full on Mean Girls in “Only Prettier”, but haven’t we all wanted to at some point? Look, let’s be real here. Any song that contains the phrase “bless your heart”, especially when sung by a Texan, is telling someone “F*** YOU!” Isn’t that the proper translation?

Reba McEntire’s “Turn On the Radio”

Talk about using your celebrity to relay a message to someone who deserves the middle finger? Reba isn’t going to stoop to your level and she isn’t going to give you the satisfaction of a run of the mill blow off. Instead, she intends to retaliate by staying in your head as you flip through the stations of your radio. Ah yes, the oh-so-common FU by FM.

Taylor Swift’s “Picture to Burn”

You and I both know that if you’ve effed Taylor Swift over, you are going to become the subject of a song. Sadly for this particular former beau, he has been deduced to a piece of photograph paper that is better served in a fireplace than a picture frame. That’ll teach you to make a world famous singer-songwriter mad, now won’t it?

Toby Keith’s “How Do You Like Me Now?”

This is perhaps my personal favorite “f*** you” song in the history of such tracks. The reason: “alarm clock starts ringing, who could that be singing? It’s ME, baby, with your wake up call.” There is, quite frankly, no better “eff off” line in any song ever, in my humble opinion. Bet you’re regretting giving the cold shoulder to that dreamer in high school right about now, aren’t you?

Oh, and this F*** YOU can’t go without mention:



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    Kacey Musgaves – Step Off

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    Anna Z

    Jen…no honorable mention for ” my give a damn’s busted”? My personal favorite!

    1. Jen Swirsky

      Haha! I thought about it, but figured “Peace Sign” was enough. My give a damn busts about 32x a day! XO Anna!

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        Yeah you’re so hilarious and have a great sense of humour eh!?

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          Why thank ya!!!

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