Chris Stapleton Unloads a World of Emotion with His “Fire Away” Video (Watch)


If a picture is worth a thousand words, the new Chris Stapleton video is worth a million. With the GRAMMY Award and CMA Award winner’s new release, “Fire Away“, the country music industry will be awestruck, touched, and moved to tears as it is given a small glimpse into the world of mental illness.

The video tells the tale of a young, happily married couple that seems to have it all together — except the beautiful wife, who looks to have the picture perfect life on the outside, is battling her own internal demons. The supportive and loving husband is left to try to join in her fight against those struggles, much to his helplessness and despair.

The lyrics to the song off the award-winning Traveller paint the picture of a unified front as a person reaches out a hand to someone in need. And, as the chorus portrays, rather than allowing the others’ words to cut like a sword, he/she selflessly offers to act as a shield, all in the name of love.

Fire away, take your best shot, show me what you got, honey, I’m not afraid. Rear back and take aim and fire away.

Though predicting Chris Stapleton’s success at this point is akin to forecasting heat in the summer, let the record show that Stapleton now has an award-winning single and video on his hands. Let us know what you think of “Fire Away” after watching the video below.

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