Cassadee Pope Makes Chris Young’s Dreams Come True


Being a major artist in the music industry is a dream come true in itself. However, when you can start to make wishlists and check those wishes off as they are granted, you know your career has reached a whole new level. This is exactly what happened to Chris Young when he put Cassadee Pope on his own musical wishlist.

CMT’s Samantha Stephens was able to speak with Chris and Cassadee during their Southwest Airlines Live at 35 flight, and Chris divulged how his tour mate and duet partner made his dream come true.

She was my first choice for this duet. A lot of people were like, “What made you think of her?” I’ve been on enough shows with her and listened to her sing, and I don’t think she ever misses a note.

Of course, because Cassadee is one of the most unassuming people you will ever meet, she was reported as being flattered and flushed after the statement was made. After Chris ordered her to “take the compliment!” and she humbly thanked him, Chris continued to boast about his “Think of You” partner.

She’s amazing, and it’s a really powerfully-vocal song. I wanted somebody who was really gonna stand out. It’s just really fun singing with her because I know she’s always gonna be right there. It makes me want to make sure that I’m on her level at all times.

Cassadee assured Chris with a supportive, “I think you’re gonna be all right.”

Judging from the enormously positive response to the song and its continuous and rapid chart climb, “alright” is a slight understatement. In fact, let the prediction show that 35,000 feet is not the only altitude Chris and Cassadee will reach together. The Number 1 spot on the charts is their next destination.